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HOPE I    HOPE II     HOPE III                    2015 ~ CURRENT

At the heart of my work is the recognition that emotions flow and life itself is in a constant state of flux. I painted Hope I and Hope II in response to the news story of a 3-year-old boy named Aylan Kurdi, who died during a treacherous journey across the Mediterranean Sea to escape war-torn Syria. For me, he represents all children around the world who must endure war and harsh environments. The paintings express my emotional journey through deep sadness, guilt, questioning, empathy, and ultimately, to a sense of hope. I care about the children who suffer and I believe that our caring unites us in our humanity. All children deserve to be happy and healthy and there is hope for this future.

Contrasting shades and textures characterize my work. Dark shades symbolize the struggles of life. Light shades represent the potential path to a more positive future. My father worked in the metal business and his research lab inspired me to use metallic colors. They symbolize my identity and a positive energy that flows through me and out into the world. I find it intriguing that my emotions, expressed through art, can be personalized in the heart of each viewer. 

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In my past artwork, I closely observed the natural world, objects, people and places, and also explored my own reactions to the subject matter.  I enjoyed exploring many different styles and techniques. I was always interested in change; this change includes myself. The powerful influence of constant change gives rise to what is new and different. I employed techniques of traditional perspective and composition, and then produced artwork in non-traditional media and colors. I transformed the original subject in order to present a new way of seeing - my own perspective that combines external reality with internal interpretation. 

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Cercle de Mémoire series2014 ~ CURRENT

In Korean, my name Yuni (=Yun 둥글+뭉칠윤,륜) means circular, round, and unity. I absolutely love my name and the significance that it holds for me as a woman and an artist. Since I was a little girl, I’ve collected anything with a circular shape; round edges always comfort me. The shape of the circle connects to my heart. 
During my recent travels, the organic rounded shapes of old European roads, buildings, walls, and bridges ignited my artistic soul. Inspiration came flooding over me and I saw myself, Yuni, connected to the circles: the ancient stones, sun, earth, and moon. My female identity, personal history and world history felt united in a flash of recognition and deep insight. Positive emotion flows through my “Memories of Circle” series. Metallic colours are significant because they infuse me with strength and represent my identity. Texture and the layers of bright colours are my happy memories shining through. Each stone represents a positive connection I feel to the people who have helped me through difficult times. These memories convey a peaceful energy, and give me power to overcome hardship. My spirit of gratitude emerges through harmonious circular strokes. Bright continuous lines represent heartfelt connections and balance. Peace in my relationships is very important to my spirit. I find it intriguing that an artist’s emotions can be communicated to the heart of a viewer, and that is my intention.

FLOW  series

Feel alive and embrace it all as you FLOW through life's mysterious journey                     2006 

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